5 reasons why invest in stocks!

5 reasons why invest in stocks!

There are several investment options out there, but investing in stocks is perhaps the best option and here are five reasons why.

1. Start Small

You can start investing in stocks even with small amount of money, as little as 500 INR ($7.75) per month. On contrast, If you want to invest in real estate you would need huge capital to start with which many of us cannot afford to. Hence, investing in stocks is a great way to get started!

2. Liquidity

You can cash-out and exit stock investments anytime. If the circumstance arises such as any emergency you can easily exit all your stock holdings and take the money out with just a few clicks. On contrast, it is very difficult to sell any real estate property etc.

3. High Growth

Stock market is the best way to build your wealth. If you look at some of the richest people in the world, they all had more than 90% of their wealth made in stocks. Legends like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mukesh Ambani, Benjamin Graham etc. all of them had most of their wealth created and preserved in stocks of great companies which either they created or they had invested in.

4. Risk Choice

Everyone has different risk appetite, some can take big risks while others cannot afford to do the same. Stock market gives you the freedom to choose stocks of different risk levels. There are companies which grow steadily but slowly. There are also many companies which are emerging into new markets with lot of unknowns, but if things work out returns could be huge. You decide your investment story!

5. Tax Free

Last but not least, you need not pay taxes on profits if you hold your stock investments for more than 1 year!
As they say, penny saved is penny earned! so the taxes you save on profits is as good as earning that much more!

Too busy?

Also if you are too busy and don't have time to learn about investing in stocks, alternatively you can choose to invest in "Mutual Funds". Mutual funds will have a dedicated fund manager to invest funds in stock market and manage on your behalf!

Why wait?

So why wait! Open a brokerage account and start investing in stocks right now.
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Save & invest money wisely to achieve financial freedom.


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