Stock market investing is not at all risky!

Stock market investing is not at all risky!

Risk comes from the fact that you are speculating without knowing the fundamentals.

I have heard people saying a million times, "Stock market is very risky, many people have lost all their hard earned money!".

But, the fact is,

Saving in a bank account is more riskier than investing in stock market!

Yes, you heard it right! People think they are smart enough to save money in their savings account/fixed deposits/recurring deposits, pile up cash every month and in long-term, they would have a huge cash for a rainy day.

But, as I said risk comes from the fact that you are speculating without knowing the fundamentals. Many people just forget about inflation! That's a secret wealth destroying machine!

Take a look at the inflation of the last 10 years in India

Averaging it comes close to 7.97%

Now take a look at the savings account, fixed deposits, and recurring deposit interest rates - averages around 6% to 8%. Now add to this taxes, additional changes from the bank and you will end up with earning just around 5% - 6.5% on your savings.

End of the day you will always end up losing wealth battling with inflation if you choose to save!

Stop saving and start investing

Also, most of us always hear out in advertisements of mutual funds saying - "Investing in mutual funds/stocks is subject to market risk, please read carefully all the documents before investing".

Yes, it is subject to market risk, but in the long-run market always go higher!
It is more like a law of nature 😂 There is still so much potential to improve our society and all businesses want to be part of this journey and capitalize on making our world a better place!

Here is the proof, below you can find the market index value fluctuate over many years.
FYI, A market index is a sum value produced by combining several stocks or other investment vehicles together from a market. Usually used to judge how the market is performing in general.

Nobody knows everything in this world!

You don't need to be a stock market ninja to make money in the stock market, you can stay invested in a good mutual fund or an index fund for better returns. Also, there are several good fund managers who take care of Mutual Funds and have a track record of very good returns. 

Even better, you can take control of your own destiny. Spend 2-4 hours a week to learn about investing in stocks, follow good blogs like,,

In the short run stock market is always a speculation, but in the long run stock market is a clear winner!

It is like watching a cricket or a football match between a weak and a strong team playing.
Anything can happen in a given 5 minutes of play, but looking at the big picture there is a very high probability that the strong team always wins! Similarly, investing always beats savings account returns in long run!

Stay tuned to learn more!
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