5 Multibagger Magic Mantras

Ever wondered about the secret recipe of a great stock from Warren Buffett?

Ever wondered what drives the stock price to grow steadily for years to become a multi-bagger?
We hear all day stock suggestions from SMSs, TV and from apps/websites like MoneyControl and BloombergQuint.
World around us has a lot of noise in terms of stock suggestions.

Can you find a multi-bagger from this hell of suggestions?

Can you decide if the stock suggested is a great stock or not?

Here are 5 simple n easy mantras to find out just that: 

  1. The Growth Story (link)
  2. Shareholding Patterns (link)
  3. Debts, Loans and Mallya (link)
  4. Return on Equity (link)
  5. Valuations (link)

This is a five-part series of blog posts, please check out for all 5 posts.

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