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Race to the richness - The illusion

More than 95% of the people work in a day job as of today. They get their paychecks by end of the month, spend almost everything and maybe save a little for the rainy day!
This goes on and on for many years to come. They work harder and harder every single day, hoping to please their bosses, getting a good salary hike or maybe move to different company for a better salary!
Most people think that they are racing to the richness, instead they are in a rat-race and it is never ending!
Getting a bigger salary will only make you grow your expenses to lead a "better lifestyle". Even if you were conservative enough to lead a simple lifestyle no matter how much you earn, "Inflation" is going to kill the value of your hard earned money. Breakfast which used to cost 5 Rs about 10 years ago cost 40 Rs today! Whether you like it or not inflation keeps killing value of money.
Money is an illusion; Bigger salary is not going to solve your problems!
As Robert Kiyosaki explains it the …

Hello World!

Hello World!

Firstly, thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog!

This blog is an attempt to share knowledge about achieving financial freedom.

Lot of us struggle with money. Although we earn quite decent, still we end up with credit card debts, loans,.. hoping for more salary each year thinking it would solve all our problems. But truth is - it wont!

About two years ago my mentor Arun suggested me to read a book called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and it has changed my perspective about money ever since.

It is one of the timeless classic, fun to read and is also very short read. I really enjoyed reading the book and I recommend everyone to read it at-least once. It shows you the different side of our financial world, explaining why the rich gets richer and poor gets more poor.

My favorite quote from the book is:

Don't work for the money, make money work for you!
It was intriguing when i read it the first time thinking how the hell is that possible! But turns out yes, money can …