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Introducing #StockScoreCard

Introducing Stock Score Card!
At Money Can Work, we always strive to educate our users with the best possible content to help you grow your money.

We are introducing a new Blog Series called #StockScoreCard, where we will try to share the fundamental analysis of an individual stock based on the five multibagger magic mantras which we earlier discussed in this blog.

Five Multi-bagger Magic Mantras:
Growth Story (link)Shareholding Pattern (link)Debts (link)Return on Equity (link)Valuation (link)

Hopefully, #StockScoreCard helps you decide either to Buy/Sell a particular stock.
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Check out our first #StockScoreCard - Vakrangee (link)!

Stay tuned!

Valuations - #5 Multibagger Magic Mantra

You should never buy every single great stock!!!
Yes, you heard it right!
Don't ever buy a company's only because it is a great business!
Just like you shouldn’t buy the next best phone from Apple or Google if it costs a Million.
Even if you can afford to buy, you would be a fool to buy at that price!
Luckily, every day stock prices vary and you just have to wait for the right price which you think is right and then hit “BUY”!

Price is something everyone knows, but what is it really worth?
There is a magic trick to find just that!

In fact, all-time-greatest investor Warren Buffett first looks at the business, comes up with a price in his mind and then looks at today's market price of that stock!

Sounds crazy, but the technique is very simple and anyone can apply it.
Guess the price of Non-Banking Stocks: Compute the sum of last 4 quarter's consolidated EPSMultiply with a P/E multiple which you think is appropriate based on the business and the industry segment it is in.Result is …