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Fundamental Analysis of Tata Motors #StockScoreCard

Tata Motors is an Indian automobile manufacturing giant who makes everything from the cheapest car to trucks to military vehicles! They even own Jaguar and Land Rover!

If you judge by the sales revenue, Tata Motors is much bigger than Maruti Suzuki!!!

Is it enough if a company is big and has more sales??
Is it enough if a company makes great cars??

Tata Motors is a classic case to prove just the opposite!!
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Fundamental Analysis1. Growth StoryTata motors has been aggressively launching new passenger vehicles in India hoping for a turnaround from a record loss-making track record.

On the other hand, Jaguar Land Rover has been investing heavily on new models and has promised to the goal of electrification of every single model by 2020.

Just remember couple of important facts:
More car models DOES NOT mean more sales!
More sales DOES NOT mean more profits!

This is exactly what's happening with Tata Motors.

Last 5 years, there has been a lot going on with respect to the roadmap,…

Power of Compounding

Ever thought of how money can work for you, instead of you working hard for money??
Today, we are going to cover just that!
In fact, we will show you a simple trick for your retirement savings!

Imagine you invest 1 Lac Rupees in a mutual fund which typically grows at 15% interest per annum.

Take a look at below table and be surprised how fast your money grows:

Year 0: 100000.00  (+0%)
Year 1: 115000.00  (+15%)
Year 2: 132250.00  (+32%)
Year 3: 152087.50  (+52%)
Year 4: 174900.62  (+74%)
Year 5: 201135.72  (+101%)

Yes, you "DOUBLE" your money in 5 years!
If you are still in doubt, you can double or triple check the above math!!

Imagine you stay invested for 5 more years, can you guess what will be your returns?

Year 6: 231306.08  (+131%)
Year 7: 266001.99  (+161%)
Year 8: 305902.29  (+205%)
Year 9: 351787.63  (+251%)
Year 10: 404555.77  (+304%)

Yes, your 1 Lac investment is now grown over "4X".

As Einstein said, Compounding is the eight wonder of the world, one who understands it, earn…