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Start Saving!

It doesn't matter whether you make a return of 2 percent, 10 percent or even 100 percent on your investments if you have nothing to invest!

So the first logical step is to start saving money to invest.

This might sound as dumb, but many people including myself had to go through a phase where we spend a lot of time thinking, reading books, blogs, watching videos about investing techniques, tips, and tricks. While we have very little to no funds to start investing with.

As there's a saying which goes,

Little by little you can safely stock up a small reserve of money, but not until you start.
Let's say you wanna retire after 30 years and what matters at end of 30 years is NOT what returns you got, what matters is the net worth of your portfolio. It doesn't matter if you put that money from your pocket or the market rewarded, end of the day what are you left with! That's what matters when you want to retire or achieve financial freedom at any age.

Here are a few simple tips: